jet black & jealous

Sam Evans. 21. Military Man.

The name is Sam Evans. I'm enlisted in the U.S. Marines. I've been in the Marines for almost four years now. I do it for my country, my family and God.
Who Am I to Say? || Sam & Quinn

Sam had dropped his bags off at Mr. Schuester’s house, where he was staying. After talking to the other man for about ten minutes, he told him he had to go see Beth before her bedtime. It was true. He hadn’t seen the girl in about six months and he missed her like crazy. Random skype sessions and text messages were not enough. Not to mention Quinn, his soul mate, the woman he loved more than anything. And the woman who was getting married to another man in two weeks. Mr. Schue understood. He thought Beth was great as did his wife, the former Ms. Pillsbury. 

The man left the house and got into his rental, taking the route to Quinn’s small house. He had only been there once before, but he knew how to get there by heart. Once he was there, Sam parked but didn’t get out. He didn’t see Puck’s vehicle which led him to exhale slowly. He didn’t think he could manage to smile and congratulate him. Not when he was marrying the girl he loved more than anything. He swallowed hard and took his seat belt off. Sam got out and made his way to the front door, knocking slowly and standing back, waiting for someone to answer, new Barbie doll behind his back.